Nanhi Muskan Welfare Society

A group of young People came together in 2013 to set up Nanhi Muskan Welfare Society to work with grassroots initiatives for effecting positive changes in the lives of underprivileged children, their families and communities.Nanhi Muskan has evolved a working model Social Venture Philanthropy (SVP) which is based on the successful business model of “Venture Capital”. Social Venture Philanthropy, the application of a hitherto successful business concept to the social and development sector: a concept which pertains to linking social investment strategies to charitable giving with a clear focus on achieving scalability and sustainability, creating a culture of leadership and excellence and inculcating a deep sense of accountability amongst the nonprofits.

Traning Centers

  • Computer Course
  • Painting
  • Sewing
  • Embroidery
  • Kinting
  • Dance Classes
  • Beautician
  • Mehandi Classes
  • Jewellery making
  • Pickle Making
  • Papad Making

Awareness Camps

  • Environment Awareness
  • Polution Control
  • Health Awareness
  • Sanitation
  • Population Control
  • Legal Awareness
  • Women Empowerment

Programs Related to Childrens

  • To Establish new schools and collage.We promote learner friendly inclusive environments by effective community participation and active learning methodologies.
  • Orphange Which provide Fooding And Loading With Free Education
  • The Child Protection Programme is a core sector of our work. Our child protection work focuses on three key “evidence” groups:
    1. Children affected by disasters/emergencies and conflict, including Disaster Risk Reduction.
    2. Exploitation & child trafficking
    3. Children in the worst forms of labour and children with inadequate parental care including alternatives to institutional care.

Women's Empowerment Program

The programme identifies adolescent girls and women from the community and developing them into Change Agents, who in turn actively contribute to the community mobilization process. Select Change Agents are then developed into Master Trainers who can advocate and sensitize women and girls regularly. Swabhiman works towards its objective of all round development of women and girls, through the following interventions:-

  • Educational Support
  • Providing Reproductive Health and Child Health Services
  • Male Involvement & Attitudinal and Behavioural Changes
  • Imparting Life Skill Education
  • Networking and Convergence Support


Welcome to our Website

Nanhi Muskan Welfare Society
"Nanhi Muskan Welfare Society "is a national level organization working in various fields under Mr. Surjeet Verma, a keen social worker, who has taken a pledge to dedicate his time, money and energy for the cause of social upliftment of under privileged, down trodden, poor and needy people and ultimately to contribute for development of the country as a whole. The motto of Mrs. Surjeet Verma  is "SERVICE TO NATION IS A GREAT SERVICE BUT SERVICE TO PEOPLE IS THE GREATEST ONE". With this noble idea, he has taken a commitment to provide free computer education, free Knitting Centre for empowerment and generation of employment to women to the Youth and needy persons of the rural areas.

Nanhi Muskan Welfare Society  is a well-recognized Non governmental  organization (NGO) in Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh ,India that is registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 located in Farrukhabad, (UP),209625 ,and its working area is all over Uttar Pradesh which was established in July 2013 ,A Group of people inclined for bringing about a positive change in a participatory manner activists led by Mr Surjeet Verma,

             Organization is working for the betterment and development of India through promoting continuous development of rural children, women, youths and other urban poor. Conduct Research, surveys, entrepreneurship programme. Work to organize education programme.Conduct awareness program me effectively against problem regarding health and sanitation, environment safety, abolition of child labour, slum area, activities regarding livelihood. Promoting large scale sustainable livelihood and small scale industries. Working for child and women welfare, rural development. Provide preservation and promotion of Artistic handicraft and cultural resources.

We integrate various development initiatives to develop sustainable and self-reliant communities. With a sharp focus on education, health, employment generation and caring for the environment, we have a team of enthusiasts who work with us to design and implement our projects. We believe that for a disadvantaged community to survive, develop and prosper, providing basic needs of education, health and employment are the key criteria.

              The organisation receives intellectual inputs from its members and advisers who are qualified professionals belonging to diverse fields. Besides, there are other professionals and volunteers who ensure its smooth functioning.

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